The product and brand, I was drying to share over the past few weeks. When @neocell contacted me a few months ago to represent their brand, I was a little skeptical, because, it is a product you take internally. Then the magic happened when I found out their products are Non-GMO’s and gluten-free. Because, I wanted, to be honest, showing the result of the product so I decided wearing no foundation on pictures below.

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The  Non-Gmo's beauty Burst collagen soft chew by far is my favorite, the taste is absolutely amazing. Both Ceramides Skin Hydrator / Burst Collagen Soft Chew.  Clinical results show improvement in skin moisturization by more than 16% vs. placebo in only 15 days (23% vs. baseline), and more than 21% vs. placebo after 2 months (36% vs. baseline). Significant results were also observed in decreasing skin water loss. I love when I wake up in the morning, Because my skin glows, I feel absolutely amazing. My skin feels so soft and hydrating and, I am hook. Totally!!

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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The company also sent me the cutest t-shirt and, I absolutely adore the message.

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Glow-Getter (Noun) A confident, an inspirational person whose inner glow lights up the world. You can pretty much get this product at any major online or physical store. CVS, AMAZON thank you so much for reading. Bisous!

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Michaele Nunez