Salut babes, hope you all are having a fantastic month so far. I love the beginning of the year, for me, it's the new beginning of everything. New chances, New hope, that's why January is one of my favorite month of the year. I am excited to share how I keep my skin, glowing, firm and beautiful. To show you, how my skin is in real life without absolutely no makeup on, I had to take a few natural shot, oh boy, I was nervous. I was born and raised in the Caribbean, an Island we call "POINT DE SABLE" located on the coast of southwest Haiti. All the woman there are blessed with full lips, beautiful smile, skin and, my mother said, I was one of them ...I would like to think so too... LOL!!

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I am 37 years old, turning 38 in May...Meaning taking care my SKIN is one of my priority. But How? I make sure I get lots of sleep, eat healthily, drink plenty of water and using @Exuviance. Before I was introduced to Exuviance, I was using products that left my skin, dull, dry and hard to manage. Fine lines under my eyes were getting visibly worst. Then the unthinkable happened like a magic stick glowing Lol.....Exuviance Knocked and I answered, then a few days later, I received a large package from Exuviance, full with produts and,Let me tell you, I was a kid in a candy store lol!! First, I was nervous. Those products were too good to be true, the first one I used was the GENTLE CLEANSING CREAM for a few days, my skin and I fell in love. Then Performance Peel AP25, Vitamin C20 Serum Capsules, I make sure to mix it with my Overnight Recovery Mask . My skin loved every last one them.  My Skin, get softer, fine lines are less visible and my skin glows every single day from morning to night. Exuviance  is now the only Prestige skin care products I use and will continue using until I am old and gray. Why? because I trust them, so is my SKIN.  Thanks for reading. Bisous my loves. #exuviance #iworkwithexuviance

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