HAPPY WOMEN'S MONTH, Lovelies. I'd like to introduce to you, my gorgeous babe Maxi. I met Maxi almost 2 years ago on Instagram. I loved how classy, kind and polite she was, so, I fell in love very quickly with her warm personality. When she mentioned to me, she will be in Orlando, I was head over heels, I couldn't wait to meet her and, I was extremely nervous.  Maxi and I met for the first time on Sunday, she was more beautiful in person, her hugs were so warm and sweet, I didn't want to let go. We went out for dinner at one of my favorite place (Bahama Breeze) then dancing afterwards. It was such an amazing night. Lots of fun, we talked for hours and hours about life, fears, our hope, our dreams. Check out her INSTAGRAM  Thank you so much for reading. Good Day or Night. Bisous!!

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Michaele Nunez