Blazers aren't meant just for the office anymore: I’m a fan of them for pretty much any occasion, from brunch to date night. And Just because fall is around the corner doesn’t mean you have to pack up your favorite skirts! Add a nice blazer is the perfect way to bring your skirts into fall, and look ever-so-chic.


Do you have a black leather skirt? How do you wear it? This cute leather skirt stole my heart from the moment I put it on. The fit and length are extremely comfortable and I wear it in many different occasions. This look is one of my favorite look this year. It’s classy, fun, sassy and sophisticated at the same time. Love it!

IMG_0465 (1).jpeg

Can you believe we are 21 days away from 2019? I don’t know about you guys but I am super excited. This corporette look is extremely simple, and I love it for some odd reason. This midi skirt comes in a range of styles perfect for any occasion, from the office to weddings. Because the skirt is so simple, adding a simple off the shoulder sexy top will make it fun. It’s all about how you styled your looks and always make it your own.


To look stylish and slightly artistic, a black and white outfit is usually a very good option. For example, you can wear a black blouse for the top. Pair them with a pair of black and white plaid mini shorts and a pair of hot stilletto to look super chic.

IMG_8693_Facetune_25-11-2018-08-20-13 (1).jpeg

This plaid print has been a huge fall print this season, especially for blazers. I haven’t jumped on the plaid blazer trend yet but I for sure am a fan of the  skirts! The skirt is super short so for work you may have to wear stockings under and high boots if you don’t want to wear heels. And remember to keep it simple and classy.

unnamed (63).jpg

Worn this cute little blazer last night for dinner. I thought jeans would have been more appropriate with the blazer, but I decided to wear short black skirt instead. Sometimes it’s okay to break the rules of fashion. Like they say …FASHION is the only game you can win without breaking the rules, so enjoy the process….Similar look will be available this holiday.

unnamed (58).jpg

Every modern maven ought to have a piece as chic as this gorgeous peacock long sleeve coat in her closet! because I’m so short, I wore the coat as a dress instead. This look is perfect for meetings, possibly a fun dinner with co-workers.


This look is definitely one of my “Je ne sais quoi look.” If your work is conservative and you’re not comfortable showing off your legs, you can wear stockings under. But remember to keep it fun, classy, sassy and chic. Who cares of what people think….Have Fun!

unnamed (47).jpg

Ha Oui for this look. I love midi skirts and this look was a lot of fun. I travel once to twice a week for work and most of the time you will find me in a midi skirt and blouse. This look is perfect if you want to look conservative for the day.

It’s Friday type of look, throw on your favorite short skirt, blouse and heels for a chic, no nonsense look. Have fun and enjoy that short day at work. Get ready for a fun night in town with your girls.