How To Pair Palazzo Pants With Crop Tops

Hello, Babes... It’s true that nothing is permanent in this world except change. And as you age, sometimes your fashion choices go to an ultimate transformation but you should always be on top of your style. The fashion world is limitless, and whatever your age, you still have the right to create an exceptional and striking LOOK DU JOUR. Wink!

For me Dressing up is fun but clothes that I wear should also be comfy. If you are aspiring for a great look but skeptical about the idea of wearing skirts, wide leg pants are perfect options for you. Wide leg pants such as Palazzo pants are “flowy” and light trousers that fall from the hips or waist wide. These are voluminous leg pants falling into the tips of the wearer’s shoes. Silk Palazzo trousers or pants can also be ideal formal wear and look perfect when paired with silk shell blouses, off shoulder crop top or sequined evening jacket.

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Length is also key to getting the look right. Too short and you’ll look chunky, too long and you’ll look sloppy. Yes, your pants should be on the long side, but the billowy bottoms should barely touch the floor. Your pants should swish along as you walk, but you shouldn’t be tripping over them or fraying the bottoms.

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It's always a pleasure having you. Thank you! wish you, lovelies an amazing month of August. Good day or night. Bisou!

Michaele Nunez