Since I've been getting so many messages about my short hair style and cut so today I'm sharing why I'm leaving those wigs and hair extensions pieces behind. Don't get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong wearing hair extensions. I love them. For a very long time, my instincts were telling me to cut my hair that short, because deep down inside I'd look better and freer ....Okay ...Why is that?  Let's keep reading.... lol!

DG4FWPXXoAA1t28.jpg large.jpg

With shorter hair, you can see your beautiful features of your face. Jawline, your Cheekbones, nose, and beautifully shaped lips. Short hair compliments your whole body. Because now everyone can focus on you as the person in the clothes, not the long hair person behind them. In other words now (TUPAC) all eyes on the total you. By the way, the first rapper I listened to when I came from (Haiti) was Tupac even though I had no idea what he was saying. I remember my father had a fit, all Haitian parents were and still are against rap matter what the circumstances, no rap music, period!!.....LOL! Okay....let's go back to my short cute hair!

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I'm a small little woman 5'4 116 pounds now. I feel short hair makes me look a bit taller and I love that, but because the world can be so superficial we can sometimes get caught in its shallow mess so I am creating my own style and go with it and that's why I cut my hair in this short style. And plus short hair shows my confidence, My true outer beauty, My SEXINESS, SASSINESS, CLASSINESS and what woman who doesn't love and want those qualities

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I hope, I was able to answer some of your emails and DM questions trough this blog. Thank you for reading, babes. Good Day or Night. Bisou!

Michaele Nunez