Hello, babes....I am DEFINITELY going to miss Summer, but excited about the new season already. Fall is an exciting season for all fashion bloggers because of all our new coats, boots, and cool jackets we have in our closet. And Fall is the introduction. Okay, the coats and boots are not my thing, simply because I live in FLORIDA.

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 If there’s one piece I’m loving for fall, it’s this white romper from SHOP MICKAA it's flattering, SOPHISTICATED and fit like a dream. I'm not a big fan of anything that ties in the neck! however, I absolutely fell in love with this one. I was a little bit nervous it would be sheer or see through (like most white rompers tend to be) but luckily, that was not the case. I paired it with my cute hoop earrings, hot pink heels and I felt like I was on top of the world.  Thank you so much for reading. Have a good DAY or NIGHT. BISOU, BABES!

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Michaele Nunez