Hi guys, can you believe only 56 days left and the year of 2018 is gone. I know, I can’t believe it my self, but life must go on. I was so crazy busy last week, Let’s say it was a rough couple of weeks… so I had to stop, breath and remind my self that sometimes it is okay to take time away, so I bought a plane ticket and flew to New York City, had dinner with my friends for the first time in a year, shop a little and back home the next day. My advice….you are only one email, one call, one meeting, one relationship and one project away from living a more fulfilling life so never give up on your self. Life is beautiful. Enjoy it. Now let’s talk about this cute little dress. Shall we?


Seriously this cute little floral dress make dream of a never ending summer. Well, I accept that I love a flirty summer frock, but I also accept that it is part of who I am. There are worse addictions in this world than a floral short midi dresses. LOL!


The dress is perfect for that fun picnic with the entire family and it is absolutely okay to keep it simple. Wearing a cute little sandal would be the idea, but if you want to wear heels? that's okay too. I thank you so much for stopping by and remember to stop, breath and live life to the fullest. Bisous… Good day or night!

Michaele Nunez