Hello lovelies, this blog post is a bit different from the rest. Because 99% of my blog post is about, dresses, skirt, pants, and never about shoes. I went shoe shopping last week, and I fell in love with nothing but stilettos. I got my self a few pair, of course, and I couldn't wait to share the first pair with you guys. This gorgeous 6 inch pair of stiletto was little over $60, the color tone was perfect for this casual white dress.

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I wear heels every single day. I wear heels to work, I cook in heels, do laundry in heels, vacuum in heels. That's just me though. Lol!! But here's the real truth, I only started wearing stilettos about 2 years ago and, I absolutely love it. For me its all about the BALANCE! If your 60% cute and 10% sweet then the 30% sexy doesn't seem like too much.

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Wearing Stilettos heels is an art. They take some getting used to and wearing them while doing the household chores is an excellent way to get comfortable with the new height and the way they make you walk, just like anything new, at first, it will seem uncomfortable. The more practice you get, the more confidence you will gain.

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There is a certain amount of power I feel when I wear my platforms and it is amazing what it will do to boost your ego. AGAIN, stilettos are not meant for everyone, but you won't know until you try. RIght? Thanks for reading. Good Day OR Night. BISOUS!!

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Michaele Nunez