Welcome to the post of all posts. OK, not really, but this one will be pretty good. You see, it's all about dresses for me! And not just any dresses, but the MIDI DRESS. What's a midi dress you ask? Good question! The midi dress is a dress that hits the knee, guaranteed! but sometimes it can also go a little up the knee. I have tried for the last couples of weeks to stop wearing dresses and skirt, oh boy that was quite a challenge, instead, I find my self back to wearing MORE dresses and skirt. LOL! I love this midi dress, long sleeve and the fit is stunning. You can wear this style of dress pretty much everywhere, shopping, dinner date, girls night out, you name it. That's it for now and I hope this new month is good for each and every one of you. Thanks for stopping by. Bisous!!

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Michaele Nunez