Happy February, Lovelies! I'm always excited about a new month because a new month for me is always the beginning of new things, so I'm always looking forward to seeing what's the next month will bring at my door. Valentine's day is about 11 days away and I wanted to share with you guys a few looks and color that will definitely keep his eyes on you on Valentine's day.  Red is definitely a color people simply cannot ignore, When you wear a red dress, it doesn't matter if the dress is short, long, people will pay attention to you no matter what. That's the power of wearing a red dress. White normally represent, passion, innocent and when wearing a white dress, I mean not any kind of white dress, it has to be something truly gorgeous, like this one I' am wearing is different with the lace, but in real life, this dress is simply irresistible. If you asked me what color, you would look irresistible on for the night, I would definitely tell you to go with RED Or WHITE. If your date finds high heels irresistible make sure wear heels that's to his liking. And Keep the night fun, sweet and most all of be Your self! He will love being with you even more. Thar's it for now. Follow me on Instagram  Thanks for stopping by. Bisous!

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