Hello, babes

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this one. I am sorry, I took so long. To be the first IG Carribean ( HAITIAN ) Girl in JADORE  it's absolutely heartwarming. Let's talk about last night.....OMG, What an incredible night that was. I wanted to wear something absolutely beautiful, irresistible, fun and I couldn't agree more with this gorgeous 2 piece from J'adore. I really wanted the 2 piece to stand out so I wore gold heels, classy long earrings and added a few long extensions in my hair, but kept the look classy, sassy and sophisticated.  I must say that every piece of J'adore are amazing and must have. This beautiful 2 piece was custom made to fit my body all the way from Australia. I 'm wearing a size 2 in American Size and it fits beautifully. I love everything about the style, details, and color. You can pretty much wear this 2 piece as a single piece during the day and 2 pieces at night. I'd say don't be like every other woman in the room. Wear J'adore...WINK!! Check out J'adore Instagram as well their website HERE

Thank you so much for stopping by. Enjoy your day or night. Bisous.

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Michaele Nunez