Spring is here and I love it! Flowers are blooming, trees are budding. Warmer temperatures are coming! I don't about you guys, but I am ready for all the good things that spring has in store. This month is crazy busy on my side, I will be in DC for a few days than Chicago for 3 days and travel back in time for my birthday May 4th, Blogging will be a bit difficult for the next few weeks. But, I can't wait to show my birthday looks with you guys. I still can't believe, I will be 38 years old ...What a blessing. 

DaTDudzX4AA_HqY.jpg large.jpg

Ce Soir look was this gorgeous 2 piece, I kept the look extremely simple but yet tasteful. Let me know what you think right here on my Instagram. I thank you so much for reading. Good Day or Night. Bisous!! 

DaTDynDUwAAY2nM.jpg large.jpg
DaTkrN1X4AA48eT.jpg large.jpg
DaTklEzXUAAHSWM.jpg large.jpg
Michaele Nunez