Hi guys, I am super excited about my trip to Canada, but a little nervous at the same time. Why am I so nervous? I absolutely have no clue, but one thing I know for sure, it will be trip of a lifetime, where I get to see and meet most of my friends. I'm not sure if I will document this trip, but if I do. I will make sure to share lots of pictures with you guys.

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This gorgeous Black dress is so exciting! It's one of those dresses that checks all the boxes. It’s a simple (can be dressed up or down) but not too simple ( has an interesting pattern around the bottom front of the dress. What I love about this dress are the length, the fit, and the sleeve. If you're not too comfortable with tight dresses then this dress is definitely not going to fit your wardrobe, you may have to go for something less tight.

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Let's talk about the shoes, OMG, guys!! I am in love with them. I recently purchased them in blue, white and red. I can't wait to receive them and of course, I will be sharing them in the future blog post with you guys.  My advice on how to style your little black dress and make it your own? Make sure the dress tell your own story, keep the accessories simple & chic. And make sure the shoes are sexy, simple and hard to find. Wink! I hope this blog post was fun to read. Good day or night! Bisous......

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Michaele Nunez