Happy June, babes!! it's been awhile since my last post. I woke up super early this morning to make sure this blog post will be live today. I thank you guys for the Insta love and I know so many of you have asked me where I'm from and how I stay in shape and what is the secret? First, I am a Carribean girl, born and raised.

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what is my secret when it comes to staying in shape? well, I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by working out and eating reasonably healthy (Monday through Thursday, that is). I try to eat my veggies, avoid carb-loading, and dodge sugar - you know, all the boring stuff. But I also like to live life. I don't sacrifice every single day, because life is just too short not to enjoy, brownies, and freshly baked bread. Guys, I am far from perfect and I EMBRACE my flawed body. And Proud of the woman, I've always wanted to be. 

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I wore this cute little number yesterday for the first time and I had many compliments. The fit is super pretty, and I kept it simple, classy and hard to resist. I avoid too many accessories because it decreases the taste of the dress, so always keep it simple with the accessories when wearing a short little white dress.  That's it for now. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. And thank you for stopping by, Good day or night! Muahhh. If you haven't, please follow me on here INSTA

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Michaele Nunez