Hi Babes, it's been weeks since my last post on the blog. What I've been up to, you may be asking. Let's say it's been a fun, excited few weeks with some amazing news. I was mentioned on Adweek in their unlocking influencer effectiveness article and that was truly a dream for me. Then for the next few weeks, I will be traveling with Travelocity. I'm definitely going to miss home, but also excited to see what's the other side of the world looks like. I love food and love meeting new people so I'm looking forward to both.

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When I was packing for Michigan this darling little floral romper was the first item I threw into the suitcase. It’s been beautiful here (with the exception of yesterday) so I had to jump on any chance to wear it. After all, Michigan is known for hot and humid weather, right? Wrong. I wore this on the last full day of our influencers Conference and it was super fun. What I love about this cute romper is simple, cute, and extremely comfortable. Thanks for reading. Have a beautiful day or night. Bisous.

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Michaele Nunez